How can I teleport players to a waiting room when some condition is met and eliminate players who don't meet that condition?

I want to eliminate half of the players who don’t meet a condition and keep half of the players who do meet that condition. Then I want to repeat this again for the surviving players.

Once a player meets the condition, I want them to be in some waiting room or maybe despawn. Then respawn or be relocated to some dynamic location after half of the players meet the condition.

Is this possible with UEFN and Verse at the moment somehow? Thanks :slight_smile:

I would use Verse, but maybe there’s a way in creative, I guess it depends on your condition and map design :

var PlayersToRelocate : []player = array{}

AllPlayers := GetPlayspace().GetPlayers() # all players, even dead ones
for(Player : AllPlayers, Character := Player.GetFortCharacter[]):
        INSERT_TELEPORTER_HERE.Teleport(Player) # the waiting room way
        # todo: the despawn way?
        PlayersToRelocate += array{Player}

for(Player : PlayersToRelocate):

You can then put this in a function and call it multiple times whenever you need to.

I’ve made it all by memory, maybe the Teleport() function is Activate() I’m not sure.

Hope it leads you somewhere, good luck!

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Thanks for the idea. I didn’t know there was a teleporter_device class until now. I will give it a shot and see how it goes.

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