How can I switch the pawn class between levels?

Im building a game where I go from one level (Level 1) which is the default pawn class, to Level 2, which is an fps level. My default Pawn and Character isn’t an FPS ready player and I don’t intend for it to be. However the character in Level 2 is a different character blueprint. How do I get this one to spawn? Thanks!

Open level by name; spawn actor by class (enter your pawn class)

Reply if you need more info!

Hi ealandolt

The default pawn class is set by the Game Mode.
Create a custom Game Mode and assign your desired pawn class. You can then override the game mode through the world settings.

For instance, you will want a different pawn type in the main menu than you would your actual playable levels. So it makes sense the Main Menu has its own game mode which is overriden in the world settings.

Set the default game mode in the Maps and Modes section of your project to the Game Mode which will be most common i.e. playable levels) so you don’t need to override for every level.

Hope this helps.



im having a similar issue, it seems that the over ride is overriding the whole project. am i missing something? im trying to change pawn class depending which level i am in.