How can I switch levels via BPs?

I’m building out a menu and char select system with BPs. I am doing all of the drawing via my one HUD BP and switching it based on a HUD state enum. I have all of it working. Also, I am displaying 3D models in Char Select so I have a char select map to display the models. When I run the game from the any other map besides the char select, all the logic gets messed up and I have char select HUD elements displaying over my in-game map etc.

I have two questions. 1) Is there a tutorial or example of level switching anywhere?

and 2) How can I switch levels when pressing play in the editor so that the game always starts up in the appropriate level even if I am in a different level at the time?

Are you using the open level node??

I’m using streaming levels now because of the comments I found here:

I set this up and it works. I can select my characters, hit a button, and start the game. But now my pathing and matinees for my first playable level no longer work.

I have a charselect .map file as my main persistent level (for 3d model displays) and then my first playable level is a different .map file and is loaded when the players have finished choosing their characters. However, when I play through my playable level, the matinees don’t work and the pathing is all messed up even though I can run around and fight in it.

Are there more tutorials on using the levels tool and multi-level setup?