How can i switch between meshes with a widget?

Hi everyone, ive been looking for tutorials about how to do the Switching mesh thing with a widget inside the game ( with a poping UI )

my idea is having an invisible BP, with the 3 meshes plugged in, then with the widget menu view the one that i clicked

ill attach the current design ive made, im pretty noob at the “coding” part, hopefully someone can throw me a hand on this.

thank you !

(the idea is to “interact” with the makerbot and make the selection of the menu appear)

this is what ive done so far with the UI part to make the menu appear / dissappear

Just create 1 blueprint with a static mesh or skeletal mesh component. Then from the widget grab a reference to this blueprint actor and grab the mesh component. Use a ‘set static mesh’ node and for the input static mesh pin promote it to a variable. Have each button on your widget set this static mesh variable to the desired mesh type. Then finally call the function to ‘set static mesh’. This way each button will set a specific mesh and only 1 blueprint actor will contain a static mesh component that will simply be swapped in and out based on the button clicks. If you need help figuring out how to set this up check out video #1 on casting, #25 on creating references and #4 and 22 on widgets and UI there should be some helpful stuff in there.

Ok, thank you. I honestly read what you replied, but still not getting a clear view about how it works, most of what ive been doing so far even making matinees, or projects have been with copy-paste from my old projects that i also made by almost just re-doing what i see on youtube videos. Ill really need to see each one of the videos of that playlist. and i will.

thank you alot! hopefully i finally start learning about how to make this thing correctly work