How can i swap animation(locomotion) based on weapon?

I have 5 different sets of idle/run/walk/fight animations based on weapons:
unarmed(using punch attack), Pistol(1-hand/2-hand), rifle(2-hand) sword(2-hand) and single sword(1 each hand)

i have the idle/run/walk all set for each - and have a bool set for weapon types. (bIsUsing2HSword, etc)
How can i setup locomotion states to switch based on weapons in use)

Any ideas?

I’ll give that a try, TY for the response.


Posting this as a comment as it may not be the answer you seek.

You can add the Mesh component to your Character BP’s graph and drag off it to set the Anim Blueprint Generated Class (I’m assuming when you switch to the weapon, you’d set a new AnimBlueprint at that point which contains your locomotion data for the unique anims per weapon).


I haven’t tried this yet, but that’s the first thing I thought of.


I had a similar question recently, here’s the thread.

Tldr: swapping blueprints should/will cause a pop, I am currently doing something similar with a blend by enum querying enums stored on the weapons.

TY, you have been very helpful