How can I surface-snap the 'base' of an object when dragging it into the editor window?

I’ve found the surface snapping option and enabled it, but when I drag objects into my scene such as the default Cube, they snap to the middle of the object, it’s pivot point, and not the base where collision would happen first. Is there a way to do this? It is very frustrating to translate upwards every object I want to place in the scene. Thank you.

Hi RyanTylerRae,

You can use the “End” key to bring a mesh to the surface of where you are trying to place it. If you are trying to place a blueprint it would bring the scene root to the surface which might not be exactly where you want it. What exactly are you bringing in to your level that this is occurring?

Hi. I was just dragging in the default Cube asset. I tried to use ‘End’ in a few ways, and found that it works if I drag the Cube out of the object first. Thank you, I wasn’t careful enough

If you drag the object you are placing outside of the geometry first, and then hold the ‘End’ key, it will snap to the surface. Thanks Q.