How can I store a reference of target blueprint permanently or until removal?


I will try to simplify my question, I was trying to save an Object to a Variable. I did succeed though, but after some time, maybe a minute or so, the variable where my object should be stored became NONE. Is this normal? Or is there something that I’m doing wrong?

I wanted to store a reference of a target blueprint permanently or until I remove the item. I’m trying to make my inventory system, you see so I though or saving them to a variable after getting picked up should be my first move. Can anyone help me?


Your going to need to provide snippets of code or blueprint screenshots of how you are assigning your variable, and where the variable is.

The first part of the question should be omitted, regarding what a variable is. If it is assigned then becomes none, it’s because it has either left the scope of where it was assigned or because it has been assigned None.

Scope is the area of memory you are within. If you have a variable in a a function, when code execution leaves that function it is the variables in it are now out of scope. You would want the inventory list to either be on the pawn, or on the controller class.