How can i stop the player from pushing a physics object

ive made a physics based boat and when the player steps on it, it starts flying all over the place
is there a way to stop that from happening

By increasing the weight of the boat. Increase “MassInKg” for the boat in “Physics” section

the boat is already very heavy
if i make it any heavier itll just sink
even if i increase the pontoon strength

in Physics go to Contraints and set Mode to XY plane

The Character Movement Component has some granularity when it comes to player-physics interaction. See here for an example:

The Standing Downward Force Scale controls how much force in Z axis is applied to physically simulated meshes. Definitely experiment with the component’s settings.

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I was looking for this same answer but the response here didn’t actually work for me since what I wanted was for the object to be simulating physics on all 3 axis but the player to not be able to push the object without increasing the weight.
What I ended up doing was making the mesh to collide with everything but not collide with the pawn and simulate physics, and another collider that will not simulate physics but collide only with the pawn. That way the pawn cannot impart force into the object that simulates the physics.

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