How can I stop the character from shaking when sidestepping as a client?

I added the ASP_Character to the third person template game without changing either of them. All the animations in this pack look fine when I play with 1 player. If I play with 2 players the server sees all their animations working normally but on the client player’s screen, the character the client controls shakes if they sidestep or back-pedal (moving forward still works fine). Characters always look normal (no shaking) on other players screens so if we have server, client 1, and client 2 we see:

Server screen: everyone looks normal

Client 1 screen: client 1 shakes, server and client 2 look normal

Client 2 screen: client 2 shakes, server and client 1 look normal

Can anyone else reproduce this or let me know how I could fix it?

I ended up finding the answer here:

The ASP_Character blueprint has “Orient Rotation to Movement” checked. If you uncheck that everything works great.

Thanks mate, fixed my problem as well :slight_smile:

thank you!


I wanted to switch between simple and aiming movement. I’ve create an aiming movement in animation blueprint, and when I hold down the right mouse button, I switch to aiming movement. When I do that I turn off the Orient Rotation to Movement in Character Movement Component, and turn on the Use Controller Rotation Yaw. In Character Movement properties, below Networking I switched Network Smoothing Mode to Disabled.

I hope it helps.