How can I stop the "automatic" spawning of player 0?


So I am working on a local 2 player fighting game.

And I want to spawn in two players. Sounds pretty basic. I do so using the createPlayer method in my GameMode blueprint.

For some reason though, the game always spawns one character without me doing anything, and, much worse: without me having any control over where and how he is spawning. He just spawns…on his own and not even in the player startpoint.

This would not be a problem if it would work correctly and all players would be correctly usable.
For some reason though only the Selfspawned character is moveable and properly referencable in the program.

Is this spawning on purpose? And if so how can i turn it off?
I would very much like to be able to control my program myself.

I created my Characters akin to this post

Just a hunch, haven’t tried it yet - but try sandwiching an IncrementInt between the “Set Spawn Location” transform execs and the “Create Character” exec, and have the value that’s incremented by the IncrementInt feed into an Int variable which in turn feeds the “Controller ID” of the “Create Player” node. That way, your first player will automatically replace that strange player you get, and will still increment by 1 the player node every time a player spawns.