how can i stop sound only without stop music ?

hi guys

i have music sound and some objects sounds
what i want is to stop objects sound without stop music sound or stop music without stop objects sounds
like some games that allow you to stop omg sound only or sfx sound only
how can i do that using blueprint

Counter-question: how do you stop all sounds at once?..

Normally I’d say that every sound is a different actor in your level. You stop the sound you need and do nothing to the others.

Some more details maybe?

Every sound asset can be assigned to a Sound Class (such as Master, Sound Effects, etc)
Chiose or create a sound class that fits your asset, and then create two sound Mixes.
A Sound Mix is a set of volumes etc to set each sound class to.
You can have one Mix where the sound effects class of sounds is volume 0.0
and another mix where it is at 1.0

Blueprint has a node for setting the Base Mix, and you select the one mix you made to turn the sounds all the way down and the other to turn them all the way up.because the other sound classes are not turned volume down in those mixes, you will continue to hear them but not hear the sounds from the other class.