How can I stop physics objects from moving player?

Hi, I have set up a movement system that lets the player move in the direction that their left Vive controller is pointing while pressing face button 1. That is working perfectly as intended, but I had to change the class setting to character to achieve this. Now
I am having an issue where whenever the player moves a physics object that they have picked up towards their body, it sends the player flying in random directions. I am not sure how to change this, I have played around with the physics type settings, and nothing seems to work short of disabling it all together, but then the player just falls through the floor at start.


I think you may need to use the “Set Collision Enabled” Node. Setting on the object you are holding. Then resetting collision on release.

If the objects you are holding need to interact with other physics object you’d need to dive deeper into setting the right collision responses. Collision Filtering - Unreal Engine

Hope that helps!

Thanks for directing me to that page, it helped me understand collision better, For some reason I had it in my head that blocking was like ignoring where it would block physics calls from incoming dynamic.