How can I stop my crouch from pushing my actor upward?

I’m making different movement mechanics for my game but after making a crouch that works on the tutorial player capsule when I have it on my own capsule it pushes my actor/character upward and keeps it there until I reset, this also affects the camera’s collision with the ground by moving that up aswell. Is it a capsule issue or an actor issue?


I somehow fixed by accident, but I remade everything inside the blueprint instead of outside, some of my values might have been off.

So the character was getting pushed off the ground, and the camera pushed up from where it would be? Sometimes these issues are boggling. It’s like it starts with problems and errors until typing in values and checking/unchecking settings. I’m not that familiar with blueprints though, so it’s probably a BP thing. If the code isn’t there to support the function, then it’s likely going to generate a problem.