How can I stop a vehicle immediately and completely?

My main player is a vehicle, and all I want to do it stop it completely when I press space. I’ve tried using Stop Movement Immediately on the wheeled vehicle movement, and Stop on the mesh, but neither of them actually stop the vehicle, they only make them slow down. It works if the speed is low but once the speed is high there’s no stopping the vehicle from accelerating.

You can try to call SetHandBrakeInput to true and you can try to edit these also.


Also you can put Idle Brake to super high so when you release your throttle vehicle will stop like almost immediately.
One more thing maybe you can do is if you press Space while press Forward, you can stop input the throttle also.

The vehicle simulation will continue to apply forces unless you tell it to stop its engine from accelerating. You can do this by setting the brake to be very high, and also if you want the car to stop immediately you will likely want to set it’s linear velocity directly to 0.

Thank you for your replies!

I’ve got it working now, here’s what I did for anyone else looking for it.

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This can be marked resolved, I’m not sure how to do that (if I even can).

For anyone looking for a solution for this, there is now an easier way: “Stop Movement Immediately”.