How can i stop a delay node flow?

I want to give my character a little amount of time to walljump after he jumps. Im using 2 bools for this: jumped and canwalljump. I dont want my character to be able to walljump if he fell from an edge, so if i dont jump but fall from an edge “jumped” bool will be false and jump event wont start.

I set up the time amount which you can jump by setting “canwalljump” bool true, delaying for 0.5 sec and setting “canwalljump” false. But it sometimes bug out because i touch the ground before the delay ends. How can i solve this?

that’s a lot of jumps, could you tell me more about it and why there is an empty branch with no condition when walljump/jump event goes fire.

Whops, i forgot to delete that empty branch node. Anyway that didnt effect the result. What do you mean by “tell me more about it” exactly? “JumpWithFlip” is a jump with front flip, so player can wall jump off of it. If you jump normally without flipping you cant walljump. Also the character rolls when it lands on the ground, hence the delay before making “can jump” true.

Hi. I would use a gate for this. Delay must be retriggerable or your pawn won’t be able to wall jump if he jump again before the end of delay