How can I split a struct?

I had just saw someone split a struct by right clicking the output pin of a node, and clicking “split struct” but I cannot find that option in my engine.

I search through the preferences, both editor and project, for “split struct” and I found I can assign a keyboard shortcut, but even still I cannot split structs using this shortcut.

Does this feature still exist, or was it removed because it had too many bugs?

It does still exist. Are you sure the type of the output pin was actually a struct? Most structs have dark blue color. But vector, transform and rotator can be split aswell.


You can split the structs directly in the EventMakeWeaponWidgetInfo and Parent:MakeWeaponWidgetInfo nodes. You don’t necessarilly need the break and make nodes.

Yeah true, now i can split it too, its strange, i done it by this setup because it did not worked before for me with that split…

^He’s talking about right-clicking on a struct directly instead of using extra break/make nodes.

As Pepeee mentioned, make sure it is a struct or a basic type like Vector/Rotator

Yup, this worked! So this means it won’t work for custom structs?

It works for custom Structs, too.

It’s worth noting that if you have already connected a the struct pin to something, the option of split is hidden. Break the connection, then right click and you should see split struct again.