How can i spawn player from the plane like pubg

Hay there i am making a battle royal game i got stuck at a point that how can i spawn player from the plane and how can i change the spawn to player in lobby to plane when timer gets to 0 and i am having a working timer in my lobby

You can spawn a new character (pawn) with the coordinates inside the plane. As for the spawn position you’ll need to transform local position inside of the plane to world position with the “Transform location” node (and Rotation too). After it you’ll just need to use “Possess” with the spawned character and the player controller as input, and now you can destroy the actor in the lobby. Also iirc the possesion can only be done on server. And for battle royale you’ll need dedicated servers, so you can start digging up info like here to get it working right from start

Thats right but can you explane in detail in how to get that coordinates from the plane and spawn player with that can you show a photo to do that plz