How can I spawn player at a clicked location?

I would like to make a respawn system where you can add some respawnPoint on a map and then choose(by clicking on it)

and the view would be from some actor(who would be at the top of a map)

​​​​​​It would be nice to see some detailed exploration in BPs and C++ if possible!


  1. How can I stop spawning players? even if I choose none in my game mode It would spawn as a sphere actor
  2. Before spawning, the actor from where I would look from on the map(from up top), is it should be spectator pawn or it does not matter?
  3. How can I disable(start point) or create my own? to spawn at a click?
  4. if I am not a character pawn do I have a controller?

Thanks everyone for your time!
Hope some time you would be get your karma!