How can I spawn one of 4 objects, randomly

How can I make a blueprint telling the game to spawn one of 4 objects, randomly, in a set position.
Very simple, I want to spawn one of the 4 directional arrows on the screen, in a 2d plane with a fixed camera, randomly. So I first need to tell the game the pre determined 4 locations for each arrow right, then tell the game to spawn one of them each time, in a specific time frame, randomly.
How could I do that :3.

Hey there. To spawn an actor or any object at a random location, you can use the multigate node. It allows you to execute things randomly. And to spawn the actor, you use a node called spawn actor at location. Link 4 spawn actor at location nodes up with the multigate node and check the random checkbox on the multigate node. Then you can spawn 4 objects at 4 random locations randomly and u can use target points for locations to spawn yourobjects.
If you need furthur help, ill send screenshort.

I might need a screenshot.
I want to spawn one object, an arrow.
In one of 4 locations, left right up and down.
Each second, randomly.
Cause the player needs to hit the arrow on the keyboard as fast as possibl.

You can just have an array of the classes and then use RandomInRange to pick one and spawn. The tricky thing is if you are in a tiled large world. Then you need to spawn into the tiled block. Smaller games don’t have to worry about that.