How can I spawn different enemy type on different levels


I’m making a survival twinstick shooter where character clear waves of enemies and after clearing a specified wave, he teleports to the next level.
As I want to have ~10 types of enemies, it’s crucial to introduce and spawn different types on each level.

In my GameMode blueprint I’ve got a simple spawn logic (pic.1)

What I want to do is to add variety of enemies for each level. For example, Level1 has EnemyType1, Level2 has EnemyType2 and EnemyType3.

I surely can make a lot of branches, but its not the way I’d like to have the game written :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Put the enemy type in an array. Then you can index through the number of enemies on level X, then just increment the index into the enemy array and start spawning the next type of enemy. This way, you can do the whole thing with the loop you have a the top there…

Just make the array of type ‘actor’, that makes sure you can put any type of enemy in there. When the time comes you pull a pin off the array and plug it into the spawn command :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll try it :slight_smile: