How can I spawn and possess Lyra character?

I am using Lyra template and I created a spawn ability. When you click a button, UI pops up with options to swap characters. When I try to spawn and possess Lyra character, the character is spawned, but I can’t possess it. If I try to do this with a non-Lyra characters it works fine. Is there a special way to possess a spawned lyra character?

Have you got it solved ? I am interrested too.

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It got solved a while ago in Unreal Slackers. I can’t speak anything about the solution as it’s not mine, and I haven’t looked into Lyra deeply just yet. However, it is indeed a hassle for indies to base their projects on Lyra. Lyra is more aimed towards AAA.

Once you join that server, you can see the message that will help you trace the whole conversation, and hopefully make you solve the issue.

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Thanks, will check it out.

A lot of time passed but did you manage to possess and un possess characters correctly?