How can i spawn an item multiple times within a "x" number of target point?


I’m trying to get an item to spawn multiple time(let’s say 6 time) but within a range of 12 different target point.
Here is what i got so far…
The problem is that when i hit begin play well most of the time the item do spawn but it spawns twice to the same target point… How can i make it so that it doesn’t go more then once over a target point once a item is spwaned there.

Thank you!

Can you remove the target point from the array after getting it?

HMM no i tried that already… unless I was doing it wrong i tried to put remove item from array or index… both didn’t work and i try putting it right after getting the target point or after the spawn actor… I’m sure its something simple I am just not seeing…:(:frowning:

Took me like twenty minutes to figure out. These blueprint arrays are terrible. Make sure you promote the array to a variable. If you pull off the set, even though you are not calling “Set array” again, for some reason it would still recreate the whole array for me even after removing an element. I tried removing by index thinking it would nudge every removed element over, but the spot was filled with nothing, delete slot index 4, index 4 still existed with nothing. The only thing I got to work was shuffle, it seemed after deleting the element and shuffling it filled all the holes. Things like this are way easier in code vs blueprints, but that’s just my experience so far…

Omg! You are a god haha Thx a million that it works!:smiley:

Ya I figured that something like promoting it to a variable would work but I didnt even see that shufle node for array!. ■■■■ thx again!