How can I spawn an enemy in and give him an action of throwing a barrel with Blueprints?

In blueprints, I want to make a mob spawn and throw a barrel or another type object that has physics and bounces around and crashes into the player for damage.

Do I do this through matinee or through blueprints? Where do I start? I have enemies doing skills and damage to the player, I just want them to do a “warning” montage then a “throwing montage” with something coming from them and having the players avoid it.

Any help?

Help please. :frowning: I want to make cool skills.


Just an idea:

See if you can have the enemy call an event on the barrel that causes the barrel to attach(I think that is what it is called) to his hand sockets, and then an event that unattaches the barrel at a certain point in the animation. You will also need to provide some impulse to the barrel in the preferred direction when it becomes unattached.

Of course, the hard part will be lining up all the animations, line the barrel up to the hands, make sure the barrel moves with the skeleton as it animates, etc.

Good luck!

Here is an answer relating to sockets.