How can i spawn an editor utility on scene?

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Hello guys! I really need your help. I am working a project for architecture designers meetings. I create an editor tool that make an note and attached the note to an actor of interest, as you can see in the picture above. So i need this to spawn when i am o play mode but when i push play button it disappeared. Any ideas who to keep it on screen?
Please help!!!

Thanks for your time

Thanks again for your time. If you say that i must replace my editor widget with a widget blueprint (from user interface) i try it and i have the same problem. I also try this (Creating and Displaying UI | Unreal Engine Documentation) it works fine and i manage to see my widget but without the informations that i create (Autor name, team, and note).

It’s called Editor Utility for a reason. You can create those to facilitate certain tasks in the editor, but you can’t use then in your world.

What you need instead is a widget that you can then add to any of your blueprints as widget components and set their Space to World.