How can I spawn a lightning strike from volumetric clouds precisely?

Hi, I’d like to spawn a thunder strike from a volumetric cloud but I can’t manage to get a random point in this cloud.
How do you think I can do it ?

Not sure if a volumetric cloud would return a hit test or not? If it does you could choose a random spot on the ground to fire a line trace and where ever it “hits” the cloud create either a spawner and do your lighting thing or to just update a variable of something like a Vector 3D, world position, ETC. You could then use that variable to drive the start location of your lightning.

However if it doesn’t have geometry it probably won’t work with a line trace? you could create a BP and put an invisible plane, cube or sphere in there, have that spawn in the same location as the cloud. [or a random location within the cloud area: You would have to know the precise bounds of the cloud]

Then you can use a ray trace/ hit test to determine where the lightning should start and or end.

Not 100% sure what result you are looking for, how you are creating the lighting or the volumetric cloud, so these are the first things that came to mind. You just need an X,Y,Z location that is in your cloud…so if you create a bounding box for the cloud, and then spawn something inside the box that you can’t see but has a location, you can use its random location to drive whatever it is you want to do?