How can i smooth the player eye view when walking on a high step ?

How can i smooth the player eye view when walking on a high step ?

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I don’t know what your asking at all?
I dont know about anyone else, but that confuses me…

Be more descriptive

i’m walking on a flat surface, and then i need to climb stairs, when ever i climb each stair, the view is like almost snapping to the new location of the player, and it looks wierd .
I want to make it so the eyes view of the player will change smoothly or the player itself will change it’s position smoothly .

A simple solution is to turn all stairs into ramps. Keep the appearance of a stair, but put an invisible ramp primitive in there. This is better for VR, if you have that sort of thing in mind.

I’v already thought about that but I’m sure there is a way to do it without adding ramps, It will make the level making more irritating, instead making tons of ramps i want to put some code that will smooth it .

I would use a ramp as the collision mesh, I think that would give a good result.

Yeah but there got to be a way to do it with code/blueprint .
In UDK i did it using elements from footplacement scripts that was written around the net, If someone could give me a direction it would be great .

Not code. Use that arm component for camera. It has inertia, length and smoothing force.
However it will introduce camera lag behind character. This will solve your stairs problem but probably introduce many more.
You can always turn on its smoothing only near stairs, and turn off outside, to do so use again volumes.
Again simplest solutions are usually best.

Or. you have that script from UDK, look how it works and code that same functionality into UE4.

Ps. I solved this by automatically adding ramp collision mesh to my stairs.

Not sure if you know this already. a simple work around is to place a blocking item over the stairs that acts as a ramp.

I hope you know this thread is quite dated :expressionless: A reason that it is bad to simply add it as a ramp is that suddenly physics will act smoothly on stairs. Of course you could just change the ramp’s collision channels, but it will usually still affect a few things that you might not want it to.

Heya bro…

I’m new on bp’s, i’m suffering a lot to learn about all of this, but i tried to solve part of your problem, take a look if that helps you.
If not, at least i learned something hahahah!!


Heya bro…

I’m really new to the blueprints setup, so im trying hard to learn about these subject.
I tried something, worked to me, hope that helps you :slight_smile: if no, at least i learned something new :smiley:


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