How can i slow my animation?

Hello, how can I make my animation slow

I need it to be 105 frames, but it only has 90, so I need to slow down my animation
I tried to right-click and append frames, but it only adds more frames, with animation I still can’t do anything :frowning:

Hey @Ferbines, welcome to the Unreal Engine community!

The setting you are looking for is Rate Scale if you want to change the entire animation. Search for Rate Scale on the left and input a new number to change the speed; higher numbers are faster, lower is slower. For your needs going from 90 frames to 115, you could set the rate scale to .857, which will get you close.

Note this will not actually add more frames to your animation, but merely play them slower! If you slow down an animation too much it will become noticeably less fluid as its framerate will drop.

You can also set the rate scale of an animation in blueprint, shown here.

I hope this information helps, and good luck!