How can I slow down the transition of crouching?

Hey people! This is my first post so please go easy if I’m doing or saying something wrong, or simply too stupid.

I already have a crouch mechanic assigned to the “Left shift” and it works perfectly. However, When I crouch, it is all so sudden. How can I make the transition between standing idle and going into crouch mode slower, as if it is someone crouching in real life.

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Hey Kevinrvani-

I would first like to say welcome to the community and that you don’t have to worry about asking questions. A great way to handle the transition in your crouching animation would be to add a Blend Space. What this does is it takes the idle animation as well as the crouching animation and creates a smooth transition between the two. Here’s a link that should help. It has videos that cover blend spaces as well as other topics dealing with animation. Good luck in your future projects.


Thank you for the reply, however, I do not have a crouching animation. The crouch that I have implemented onto my character is the default crouch. (literally moves the camera down a bit). Is there a way to slow down the transition of the crouch from standing up? Sorry for not being clear in the original question. Kev

what method u use to move down camera ? you can slow down the camera movement.

I believe he is talking about the default crouching mechanic in the default CharacterMovement component.

Hey -

This person seemed to have a similar issue and explains what they were able to do to solve the problem. Hopefully this can help move you in the right direction. Good luck on your project.


Hi kevinivani,

You may have solved this already, but here is the solution that I created for the First Person Template.