How can I slow down Global Time Dilation without it affecting the player?

There has been a moderately similar question to this a while ago, but my time dilation doesn’t immediately go down to 0.1 with the click of a button, it gradually goes down, but somehow I need the time dilation for the player to stay at 1 while GTD varies. Anyone?

The easiest way I could think of would be to speed up the player’s actions while being time dilated. I’ve never really seen an actor specific time dilation setting, but if you were to slow down the world by 10x and speed up the player by 10x, that should work pretty well.

but what if the time dilation was 0.3? What do you multiply 0.3 by to equal 1? We are working with floats here, fractions don’t work in a Select Float.

I figured it out, I had to make the multiplier for the time a variable, so that the float would handle repeating decimals on its own.

Could you share a screenshot on how you did it