How can I slow down all sounds and assign normal sensitivity while in slow motion?

Hi, everyone

I’m setting up a slow-mo system for the TPS and as i’m new to UE i’ve came across 2 major obstacles:

  1. slowing down all sounds

  2. assigning normal sensitivity to mouse while in slow-mo. I’ve managed to do it for gamepad via set BaseTurnRate, but mouse wont budge

Please advice

  1. I did not work with sound all that much yet but I’d say your best guess would be to look around sound queues a bit. They seem to be able to add effects and I’d be surprised if you couldn’t access that. Not sure if it works with speed but you should give that a shot :wink:

  2. You should be able to multiply the speed by the amount you slowed everything down which should give everything the feeling like nothing changed there. If you’re using the standard template for an FPS game you will have in your character blueprint an area with the comment “Mouse input”. You simply have to add a branch and if it’s slowmo multiply the axis value.

Thanks, i’ve got it done with mousething - didn’t notice it there) as for sound - still in progress

I’ve just come across the same problem and I think I found a pretty basic solution that can be tuned a bit.

If you click the down-arrow on Play Sound at Location, you get a few more options.

Thanks a lot, that looks like a legit solution

This solution works for one sound but if you have 100s of them all over the place then this solution wouldn’t be any practical.

Yeah , using timedilation in pitch multiplier can only work if you have few sounds …
is there any proper way to implement this for large number of sounds ?