How can I show the cursor when the left mouse button is pressed

I have already set the bShowMouseCursor true and I see the cursor correctly. However, when I press the left button of the mouse, my cursor disappears, and will appear at the same position as where it disappeared, regardless of any movement of my mouse on the table. I want my cursor to be shown all the time like that in the topdown template, but I didn’t see any clue in the code of topdown template. I am writing a RTS game so it is really important for me to do this.
c++ and BP are both okay
(My English is poor as you can see XD, so I’ll be really appreciate if anyone is willing to provide with any help)
Thanks for any help in advance!

I can help you in BP, her is how you can get your mouse to show at all time, but I think you need to remove the "Show Mouse Cursor " so it don’t effect the bp.
You need to make a ned BP, I did make an Actor BP and places that in the scene, look at the image and see if this will help you. Tell me if this help you or you need more help.

Thanks a lot, but I am afraid it still doesn’t work for me. I guess there was something wrong with my project settings, I am going to learn more about that.

Oh my god, the cursor behave as I want after I deleted SetupInputMode()…I’ve been finding this for such a long time!
Anyhow, thanks for help for a second time