How can I shift udk 3 game to udk 4?

Hello. As I can see, for some reason previous versions of unreal engine is not available. I have a game, NaissanceE, that I would like to edit for myself. For example remove breathing mechanics, reedit some of the movement parameters, add a few lightning parameters and some of the other things. But I cant imagine how should I do this without udk 3. Can local developers help me with that? I think it will be tricky to build all the location by hands :slight_smile:

I didnt quite get that.You are the creator of Naissance or just have bought the game and want to edit?

I believe he bought the game and want to edit it - anyone thatโ€™s able to create a full game on UDK/UE3 and ship it to Steam would be able to know the answer to the question already :stuck_out_tongue:

the answer is No, btw