How can I share a bought plugin with my team?

Our team want to implement a leader board for our game, and are looking at this plugin. We know that Epic allows plugins to be shared in a team, but we’ve found little information on how. We use GitHub for source control, with 4 active contributers. Any information would be much appreciated!

Hey @KE1T5 firstly, welcome to the forums! Secondly, the plugin and necessary DLL files should automatically be shifted into the project folder itself and usable by all members of the team natively! The only caveat comes if you have a .gitignore in place that gets rid of certain key files on upload. Feel free to take a quick glance at this other thread I found with some info about the hiccups others faced. How to share Plugin (bought in marketplace) with my teammember


Aaahh the old .gitignore! I’ll try that, thank you!

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I have your Solution.
Step 1 Install Plugin to Engine.
Step 2 Goto root Unreal Engine version Folder Version should be something along the lines of C:\UE_4.27\Engine\Plugins
Step 3 hit the Search in top right and search for your plugin.
Compress the Root Folder of the plugin to a Zip File.
Step 4 Goto your project and make a folder called Plugin’s.
Step 5 Extract the zipped folder plugin to the plugins folder you created for your project.
(Make sure the root of the project is marked as writable along with subfolders.)
Step 6 Start the .uproject or open up your project and if it asks to build click yes.
You should see the plugin in the Plugins list in the project from here.

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