How can i setup boat movement using pawn?

Can someone help me with setting up movement on a boat using a pawn? I want to either make an array or map with 5 values full stop, 1/4 speed, 1/2 speed, 3/4 speed and then full speed. I tried to use the floating pawn movement but if someone know how to use this node i would really like info on it, or if you know how to set up movement were you can press w once and then the pawn will move 1/2 speed of full speed then if you press w again it will go 1/2 speed of full speed and so on.

I have a similar setup in my project., what I did was use both Action & Axis input events.

I mapped out various Action input events for the different presets %0 to 100% throttle. Those events just set a float variable (ThrottleLevel) to a value 0.0 = 0% to 1.0 = 100%.

On EventTick I then just feed the AxisInput event with the ThrottleLevel. Sorry I’m not at my machine so can’t send any screenshots but I hope this helps.