How can i setup a Vanity Camera for my player?

So I am trying to setup a Vanity camera for my player. I need the camera to freelook entirely when it is activated, without changing the direction of the player based on the camera current direction, and without making the player adjust to the cameras vector when the camera gets deactivated. It also needs to not follow the player when the player is moving and or should work the same when the player is moving as when they are not. Think oblivion/fallout freelook/vanity camera. It spins around the player freely without affecting their direction.


Hi Wicked,

I need some clarification. What is your base camera setup (1st Person, 3rd Person)?

I’m believe you want to switch from your base controls to something similar to the 3rd Person template camera, except with player movement disabled?

Just linking your other camera question for tracking purposes.

Currently I am on a 3rd person setup. I have added a zoom in/out function and have added a 1st/3rd person toggle. What I want to do is allow the camera to swivel/rotate around the character without affecting the characters directional movement. And without resetting to behind/following the character when in movement, or snapping the character to cameras current vector direction when leaving the vanity cam. The camera should snap back to behind the player not the player snapping to face the current cameras direction when leaving the vanity cam if that makes sense?

Here is a video I took that shows how I want the vanity to work. It is basically a detached camera that can swivel around the player. The cameras movement has no effect on the player at all.

Also here is my current blueprint setup for my 1st/3rd person zoom and toggle and a vid showing it working. Im thinking for the vanity I will make another socket and attach another offset to that for the vanity cams actual camera position. But getting the camera free is where I am stuck.

Thanks, Also I uploaded a vid example of the freelook to the other question.

So I have recently changed my formula. I am now using 2 cameras to cycle between 1st and 3rd person, and no longer use camera boom with a vector offset for my 1st person camera. I am also storing the cameras state, by setting it with an integer that is a constant number to represent the camera state (I.e. 1st person is 1, 3rd person is -1), this happens whenever my logic switches between cameras.

For example when I run the first person logic at the end of the run it sets camera state to 1. When going back into 3rd it will set camera state to -1. This happens every time I change cameras.

I am then trying to use that stored camera state to check the players current active camera state in order to decide which logical path to take for the vanity cam. The first branch checks if camera state is == to 1st person (int 1). If this is true then it runs logic that brings me out of 1st person and puts me in 3rd person with my vanity cameras offset instead of my 3rd person offset.

However I have ran into a strange problem. Whenever I run the logic from first person without a false being linked it runs and pulls me back into 3rd person and sets vanity cam offset. This is correct outcome. However once I attach any logic to the branches if false link. The logic always reads false even if the condition is true. Can anyone help me figure out why?

So I got the vanity cam working for the most part at least the camera activation/deactivation and switching is done. I figured out my problem with throwing falses; Because I had the camera mechanics, the actual 3rd person and 1st person logic running off event tick, and at the end of each logical process I was setting my cam state to 1 or the other it was constantly updating my camera state causing my vanity cam branch condition check to be false. So that’s solved now I just need to figure out how to make it so the player doesn’t snap to the cameras vector when deactivating vanity cam and also doesn’t control the players current direction of movement when in vanity cam.