How can I setup a camera to stay on player on death/destroy?

Hello. I am very new to unreal and looking for any advice/recommendations on how I can approach setting up cameras for a top down game.
I got some basic understanding on how somethings work etc but in terms of cameras, I am not sure which approach to take and what am I missing?

I have managed to setup basic checkpoints, respawning, player movements, and an enemy.
Issue is When the player dies, camera also gets destroyed that’s inside the character bp.
The game then uses the camera that’s always added by default and the rotation is not pointing down where the player has died during the delay.

There is camera setting inside the springarm that seems to solve it called “Inherit Pitch”, but the camera no longer stays above the player and
the springarm no longer can be rotated.

So I’m not sure how I can make that default camera stay facing the player or do I just create my own seperate camera/playermovement bp
and keep the character bp for the mesh/hotboxes to make it eaiser in the long run? Any advice is appreciated.

What have setup currently:

Character BP:

CheckPoint BP:

Gamemode BP:

enemy BP:

You’ve got the event you can run when the player gets destroyed


You could use that to spawn a camera looking down at the player.

But, if the player has been destroyed, there’ll be nothing to look at :slight_smile:

Might be better to send the player a message ‘you are dead’, so they can ‘ragdoll’ and lie on the floor, and then spawn a camera above them.

Yea, after making the post I realized that might be the case since I’m pretty much deleting the target and the camera, so there nothing to target.

I will give that a go, Thanks for the suggestion.

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