How can i set very low graphics?

Hi everyone

I have question about preformance and graphics settings.
Is it possible to make a game in UE with very low graphics (for old pc, e.g-2gb ram, dual core and other old gpu)?
What should I do ?
Even if i create 2DSideScroller and open it (packed game, not in ue editor)on weak pc it’s run only around 20fps.
(I trying something with graphical settings but it isn’t enough )

Sure you can develop for older platforms.

  • Be sure to package for production, not development
  • Check if there’s any code that’s eating your CPU, especially tick events
  • Be gentle on rendering, use small texture sizes, don’t overuse dynamic lights, etc

There can be many reasons your game is running with low FPS, luckily there are hundreds of performance debugging possibilities and tutorials, check on Google and YouTube. The official one: Performance and Profiling | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you so much !

Hello! I am not sure I will tell you the correct answer. But, recently I found this thread where similar questions were disscussed. take a look!