How can I set up one blueprint for multiple ai deaths?

Hey, so I recently made this ai blueprint where he can walk around, patrol and die, but when I place multiple of them only one of them dies. (Same thing when I “kill” the others. Heres what I have done so far.)

You are getting always the first enemy in your event tick (returned from the array of the get all actors of class), not the one you’ve just hit. Also your BoxOverlap Nodes doesn’t do a thing. Don’t use expensive things like GetAllActors… in Tick!

Simply call the Kill Event in your Overlap directly after the first node (Cast to AI …) with its Output (casted overlapping actor to AI…) pulled out to call the kill method of that instance. you can also branch and check your other bools upfront. So you can reduce help3.png to 3 nodes all in the overlap event

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Thank you so freaking much!

BlueMind Studios, just to let you know: I love you! haha
Thanx mate!

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