How Can I Set Up Multiple UI Widgets with Add To Viewport?

So I have two UI widgets. One where if I push “P”, I pause the game, and another where I push “I”, and it shows all of your teams health.

The pause menu works perfectly with what I have, but I can’t figure out how to add the other widget without activating the pause one.

I know that the “Add To Viewport” node is only going to show what’s being targeted, but I don’t know what else I can do to alternate between the two efficiently, AND I can’t use another add to viewport.

Can anybody help me with this? Thank you!


After you created your small custom widgets, make master widget called “HUD_Widget”,.
Then open it in editor, you will have there custom widgets to add, into that master hud one.

To hide/show different widgets you can use collapse, or hide.

The thing is that the HUD that I’m in is being used as my master widget. I have two other HUD Widgets called PauseMenu and GameplayUI. Those two widgets already exist and I figure I’m calling them to be used in this one as children. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding.

Why can’t you use another Add To Viewport? In 4.8, I can use as many of them as I want. Just set up another Add to Viewport node with your widget reference, and all should work.

Becasue i’m also looking for a way to make the the adding parte more efficient, i was trying to do this with a array… but a idea just came to create a forloop… how to make it exacly is unknown