How can I set up FPS Head movement with Oculus Rift?


I’m completely new to using UE4 and game development in general, could anyone give me a hand please.

I’ve implemented the Separate View code into the FPS Template included with UE4 to do some prototyping for a FPS.

I also added the pitch so you can aim the gun up and down and this will translate into the view, I did this by adding Use Controller Rotation Pitch in the Pawn section of my character. Then adding the following line of code to the Separate View code: “NewViewRotation.Pitch += NewControlRotation.Pitch;” in the UpdateRotation method in PlayerController class.

After implementing these changes the pitch does not stop at the upper or lower pitch limit boundaries, I’m guessing this has been overridden in the new functions somewhere. Is there anyway to bring back these boundaries, or do I have to implement my own code to handle it? Also, is this the right approach to implementing an FPS type control like the ones used in other Rift games like HL2.