How can I set up an event to check how long a BOOL has been off?

I have a stamina bar that depletes on firing.
What I need to do is once the player is not firing it initiates the recharge event.

This kind of works but it still fires the event while firing by chance that at the 4 seconds mark your not clicking.
So I need to figure out how to ask it, “if firing has been off for 2 seconds, initiate event”

Ok so your are trying to create a interval between the firing happening while the button is pressed or between once you Release the button and press it again being able to fire ?

Create a firing function then use a loop and a timer node to fire that function if its on the pressed side.

If you want the break between released and pressed again then you need to move the SetFiring AFTER the delay on the released side and move the branch to BEFORE the SetFiring on the Pressed side so that you check to see if firing.

that being if firing is true ALREADY do not fire again but if false then continue to fire and set firing to true again