How can i set up an event that will increase a character's (enemy) walk speed every time an integer variable in the game mode increases?

I have an enemy character who starts out with a walk speed of 150. I want his speed to increase by 20 or so every time an integer variable (that is located in the game mode) increases. The problem is I am still confused on how to make the game mode communicate with the character, or visa versa.

I’m so confused by your question but I guess you need pretty much basic stuff here.

Use any event to execute your adding logic. For example:

Create function or event in Enemy1 blueprint that increments speed, lets name it IncrementSpeed.

With this approach you can try GetAllActorsOfClass node with Enemy1 class (do this from Game Mode). Then for each actor execute IncrementSpeed function.

If you want only for selected actor you can try for example tags or find out other method to decide which actor you want to update.

ok, this compiled fine without any errors. i am really close…i can feel it. thank you.