How can i set up an event that will increase a character's (enemy) walk speed...every time an integer variable in the game mode increases?

and help or blueprint image references would be greatly appreciated.

Set max walk speed of a character (or enemy character)


Hey Mrwronga,

In your game mode BP create a custom event that correlates to the increasing interger. As far as scripting that I don’t know more about your project to give you the best approach but basically that’s the direction. Then when this event fires you need it to cast to the character you want to increase the speed of. Again I don’t know your project or setup. From that cast I would set a variable that controls that characters speed.

If you need more help post up some of your BPs and let us have a look for the best approach.


Do you still need any help?

Thank you, i finally got it to work with this setup. And on the game mode side i did [Spawn Actor → Get All Actors Of Class–> Increment Speed]

Perfect! I happy that I was helpful. Please mark answer with green check mark for searching purpose.