How can I set this goal to a random target?

How can I set this goal to a random target? For example, I have 10 targets, how to make PointLight11 be a random target among the 10 targets.
To put it simply, this time the target is PointLight11 , the next time the target is PointLight7, etc…

Place the targets in an array, get random int in range - between 0 and array’s last index.

Thank you for your answer, it is very useful, but I have another problem. When I use the timeline to change the brightness of the light, the random number also changes. How can I solve it?

the random number also changes.

This is happening because you’re accessing the random node twice (when getting a light out of the array) which could give you 2 different results. Store the result of the random operation in a variable and then use that instead.

To be more precise: you’re accessing it during Timeline’s update, generating borderline inconsistent results. The above solution should sort it out. Set an int between Delay and Set Visibility.