How can I set the position of a Widget element in UMG through the graph?

I have a reticle that I want to move around the screen wherever possible, I have a system that reports the screen position of a trace back to the hud, and I want to set the reticles location to be at that screen position.

However, I can’t seem to create a binding for ‘Position’ in UMG. Is there a particular reason for this?

You will want it to be in a Canvas panel,
then the widget can get its slot, its slot is where all its position data goes for placing it within the Canvas. you do this in the event graph of the UMG widget.
once you get the slot, you need to cast it to the right type of slot, so if its in a canvus then cast it to a canvas planel slot,
after that you can drag pins away and set position, zorder, anchors etc :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

Sweet, Thanks!

After 3 years It worked for me. I just wanted to thank you. :slight_smile: