How can I set the particles' static mesh in niagara based on an input instead of changing it manually?

I was trying to spawn some niagara particles with the same behavior but with different meshes. I didn’t find a way to “feed” the niagara with static mesh at spawn time which would allow me to have just one niagara effect setup instead of creating different niagara files with the only difference of static mesh.
I’ve seen in the content examples that there is a User.Particles.StaticMesh setting which might do the job, but I didn’t manage to feed that with any data.
I created an actor which has a niagara component in it, and when I chose the niagara system, an override parameters tab appeared at the niagara component. I could set a static mesh there, put the actor an a level, but it didn’t spawn any particles. Also Iried to set the Source parameter, but I couldn’t set any mesh to it neither from the dropdown menu nor with the eyedrop icon.
I tried it with 4.21 and 4.22, no luck so far.
Can anyone help me with that?



Very interested if you find the solution! Stuck here too.

looking for this as well, any solution?

Not implemented yet, apparently planned for 4.24

any solution to this yet?

I don’t know. Maybe in a new version.