How can I set the Loading Screen between streaming levels?

Hello, everyone!

I’ve tried to make a Loading Screen between levels using [this tutorial][1]. But every time after my Loading Screen UE4 crashes when it tries to open another level. I use Level Streaming so i decided to change node “Open Level” (like in tutorial) to nodes “Load Stream Level”+“Unload Stream Level” and put a Player Start in second level. Yep, now it doesn’t crash but after Loading Screen a player falls down through landscape of the second level like the level doesn’t have enough time to load. I’ve tried to use delay and change nodes but it doesn’t work.

I’m new to BP and UE so really don’t know how to fix it. Any ideas? Maybe another way for proper Loading Screen between levels using Level Streaming?

You can manually spawn and possess the character after the level loads. You basicaally create a placeholder character (no mesh or blueprint nodes etc.) to be loaded when the game begins, then stream the level, unpossess the placeholder, spawn the actual character at the player start and possess it. I do it that way and it works.

I’m sorry i didn’t quite understand. Where can i find a placeholder character? Is it an Empty character or something? If it’s not difficult for you, can you please make a screenshot? Thank you!

place a Blocking Volume cube below the player start in the persistent level

What do I do if the level is streaming and the player can save from anywhere in the world, When my character spawns it falls through the map due to the level not loading in before player spawns how do I change that?