How can I set target orientation using blueprint

How can I change angular motor target orientation using blueprint in runtime?

I find “set angular orientation target” node but it is for only physics constraint component. I seek a solution for skeletalmesh.

By creating “Constraint Profiles”.
See bottom right, in the “Profiles” tab.

Those are presets, that can be applied with blueprints at runtime. Settings for motors are included.

It’s quite intuitive. Create new Profiles with distinctive names, assign or delete them.
See here under “Profiles Tab” for more details:

A profile is applied in blueprints via “Set Constraint Profile” for a specific joint or “Set Constraint Profile for all” for the whole skeletal mesh physics asset. Target is always the skeletal mesh component.

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Thank you for your answer. but still I have a problem. My variables is dynamic. What I need is being able to changed parameters instantly. How can I edit profiles or create a new profile in runtime?