How can i Set Spline Scale visualization Width

I want to set spline Scale visualization Width as the road width , but i can 't set it in Blueprint. so i must use splinemesh ?

You can set it in the details tab of the spline component, but if you dont mind me asking, why do you want to do this? If your road is being made at construction with an ‘add spline mesh component’ node (presumably) so you should be able to see your road in the editor window in lit mode.

actually!i have a Float variable as road width .i want use this variable to set spline Scale visualization Width which are in the details, use spline visualization Width as my road width to Saving performance 。I am worried about Consumeing a lot of performance use splinemehs

This is just a coefficient for the whole spline. Once you set it to a value, you can then scale any spline point and it will use that factor as a base:

If you’re doing it from blueprints, in the CS - ensure you tick Input Spline Points to Construction Script. Assuming the forward is X, you’ll want to scale Y if it’s a road.

Unless it’s a road to crazy town, who knows.

I am worried about Consumeing a lot of performance use splinemehs

Once left to their own devices, they perform well enough. Updating them in real time (tick) is a performance hog, though.

Thanks,Bro,that is i want, but this node added in 4.27 , my work project in 4.24·········

Which node?

set Scale at Spline Point。

There’s been updates to splines in 4.26, 4.27. Not sure when this was added. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade?

yes,but i am not project manager,I haven‘t power to make decision;maybe only use spline mesh to visualization Width in editor。
In a word, thanks bro。