How can I set "self shadow only" in blueprint?

I want to be able to toggle “self shadow only” on and off for a mesh in a blueprint. But I can’t figure out how! There’s no correct nodes for that. I only found “get self shadow only” node.

I know that I can toggle “cast shadows”, but this results in mesh not receiving static shadows from walls and such, so its being illuminated by direct light regardless if its in shadow or not:

I’m pretty sure you can’t do that in blueprint. But what you can do, is have 2 candle meshes in the blueprint, one is self shadow, the other not, and just toggle visibility between them:

Yeah, I thought about it.

But isn’t it weird how many things you can set for lighting on the mesh, but there’s no “set self shadow only”? I Thought maybe I’m just dumb and there’s some way to do it.

The problem with what you’re suggesting is that I wanted to do a construction script that allows to chose between several candle meshes for variety. So toggling visibility for many meshes like that would be very clunky.
But I guess I’ll just make a separate blueprint for them then.

Thanks for advice nonetheless! :slight_smile:

Yeah… I guess you just put them all in an array, and if you choose an odd index, the script knows to enable SS :slight_smile:

Something like this monstrosity:

From the front end, all you have to do is pick a mesh, and switch the bool.